Furniture comprises of the objects that are essential for a happy living of mankind. Our life is surrounded by furniture and life will be miserable without it. Either it is a house, office, organization or even a public park, furniture is essential. With the growing population, the demand of furniture raises everyday increasing its price. It is very difficult to get cheap furniture with best quality. But Shabby chic took care of it .Here are some types of common furniture.

  •  Built in furniture

It includes the cabinets and built in wardrobes and drawers. Cabinets are used in kitchen and offices and all the professional organizations. They are also used in kids’ rooms to store their toys. Built in furniture is extensively used in libraries, super stores, outlets, organizations, offices and kitchens.

  •  Portable furniture

Portable furniture includes things that are easy to move from one place to another and often require less space. It is ideal for offices and homes as well for the people who keep on changing their residence or interior of the place they are living in. Portable furniture is comparatively cheaper than as it is not strongly made and can be damaged easily.

  • Heavy wooden furniture

Heavy wooden furniture is very heavy and often found in the form of beds, cabinets, lockers, tables and chairs. This is royal style furniture often used in homes or restaurants. It is very reliable and care is required to save the furniture from termite.

  • Light weight furniture

Heavy furniture made from wood has now been replaced by light weight cheap furniture made from iron or aluminum most of the times. Aluminum is rust free and light in weight. Shabby chic is best choice when looking for cheap and stylish furniture.


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